My name is Brett, born and raised in Sydney, Australia and now living in Durham, NC. I come from a family with a long history working within the woodworking industry and thus begins my story.

Alec Lawson was my grandfather on my mother's side who passed away in 2014. He was a carpenter and painter by trade. I wouldn't say I learned all that I know about woodworking from him but he certainly encouraged my creativity more than anyone else. How many other grandfathers would give their grandsons a bag of nails for Christmas. Best present ever!

My grandfather on my father's side owned and operated Softwoods Milling Co., a joinery mill which started way back in 1962 and was located at 106 Beattie St. Balmain, Sydney Australia. In 1965 my father went to work for the family business and did so until the business was sold in 1986. I still have fond memories of going to the mill to see dad and playing in the mountains of sawdust (which today probably would be frown upon in today's day and age, by I survived!)

My interest in woodworking obviously started at a very young age. Whether I was with dad, granddad, or pa, I was more than likely in their shed hammering or cutting something. In high school I excelled in woodworking, design and technology, and construction but pursue a career in those fields at that time. 

I now reside in Durham, North Carolina with my wife, my son, and Bear, our adorable chocolate Labrador.  All my designs are created in a custom built workshop, which was completed in 2016 and took a little over 12 months to construct. 

Alec Lawson Designs was ultimately created as a labor of love. There are few things more rewarding than creating a piece of furniture for your family to enjoy, or seeing someone else value what you have created enough that they want it for their home.